Commonly Asked Questions

How much does UPPOW cost and how do I pay?

UPPOW charges a membership fee of $5 on top of the cost of membership to specific organizations.  Students must join at least 1 organization to be part of UPPOW. For all pricing and to sign up, see the "Join" page.

How do I choose which organization to join?

There are many reasons why students want to join a specific organization.  A few factors to consider are: 

(1) Members often get lower rates to annual and regional conferences

(2) Networking opportunities

(3) Career interests: Are you interested in community pharmacy? Hospital pharmacy?

(4) Leadership and advocacy: Are you passionate about the topic and want to help others learn about it?

Can I join later in the year?

Students can join UPPOW and student orgs at the beginning of the school year (Fall 2020).  While students can individually sign up with a specific org anytime, be aware that membership is 1 year long.  These students who renew at any other time besides in the beginning of Fall 2020 be responsible for renewing their own membership.

When are membership fees due?

Deadline: 10/11/20

What leadership opportunities are available?

Each student organization has first year liaison positions available for incoming PY1 students.  These students learn about their organization, help plan events, and share information with their classmates.  There are two sets of elections every year.  The first election is in the fall and the second election is in the spring.  Both elections have opportunities for leadership positions for PY1-PY3.  For more information about available positions, see the Pharmer's Market Booklet.